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After the successful first edition, back in Venice 'Art Night, l'Arte che libera la notte'. On 23 June, the date chosen for the second round of the format devised by the University Ca'Foscari, which this year will be the control room, promoter and coordinator overseeing the artistic direction of the event in close collaboration and partnership with the City of Venice and the Department of Trade and urban quality.

Ottavia Piccolo will be the 'godmother' of Venice Art Night 2012. The event kicks off from 17.00 in the courtyard of the University Ca'Foscari and will have its climax when the actress, at 21.30, in the same courtyard, the center of a light installation by Marco Nereo Rotelli, reads 10 poems of the great Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska, the Nobel Prize for Literature, died recently. The performance is titled 'I prefer cats' and will be accompanied by the notes of the sax Milena Angele. The big night in Venice has this figure: the words of poetry, music, lighting artist. The tribute to Szymborska continues with the premiere of the film Katarzyna KolendaZaleska 'Sometimes life is bearable. Ironic portrait of Wyslawa Szymborska' with evidence, among many others, Woody Allen and Umberto Eco.

Meanwhile, the second edition of Art Night Venice, the city will be invaded by tens of thousands of young and old in constant, joyful transhumance among the nearly two hundred places, and at least four hundred proposals for a magmatic night.

The official body to 17. To beat him, always at Ca'Foscari, will be the Rector, Carlo Carraro, along with representatives of all institutions involved, by the City to individual museums, cultural venues, theaters, music venues and libraries throughout the city. After the official start-up, the water gate of the University an innovative parade will sail along the Grand Canal and other waterways of the city: Venice InstArtNight / Ca'Foscari2012. Instagram, the App downloaded by 50 million people in just over a year, the social network is becoming more widespread in the world, called Venice of the most popular photographers and reporters to take photographs and share them instantly on the web, while the event takes place.

It will be an Art Night Instameet the discovery of homes and some parts of the city open for Art Night, the first of Italy Instaboat constantly updated. There will be bloggers and instagramers most popular network, and Ilaria Barbotti, community manager Instagramers Italy. Ca'Foscari will be the meeting point for the reception of InstArtNight, accreditation of participants and delivery of events and map of all the various gadgets for Igers. The event is by reservation subject to availability.

Afterwards, at 19.00, the performance of the writer Paolo Nori, Paletot, an unusual speech on the Italian language. In this town for one night is more alive than ever, with the seats of culture, art, and Social Wiki, will be a continuous succession of moments 'high' and most engaging and informal proposals: overnight culture and Entertainment will be absolutely hand in hand. Some exhibitions are inaugurated on the occasion, as illustrations of the collective 'Nie Wiem' University Library of rafts or 'Drawings from Within' by Matteo Pericoli the House Columns in San Sebastian, while at Ca'Foscari you can visit, with guide guaranteed by the students of the University, the major retrospective of William Congdon.

But of course the Night offers not only the initiatives of the University Chief: The Foundation of Venice Civic Museums offers the extraordinary opening of four of its prestigious museums: Palazzo Mocenigo, in addition to the museum, you can also visit areas not usually open to the public with special tours in the rich deposits of rare fabrics and extraordinary collection of original clothes among them being the fashion of the eighteenth century. The Museum of Natural History, beloved by children, will be made more attractive with a modern interactive exhibit. A Ca 'Pesaro will visit the exhibition' Spirit Klimt. Galileo Chini, Vittorio Zecchin and great decoration in Venice and on this special occasion, Lutes in counterpoint Conservatory of Music Benedetto Marcello will revive and enliven the whole building. Finally a break in the House of Carlo Goldoni will be able to admire the new exhibit that highlights the figure of the great Venetian playwright. Among other important institutions: the Palazzo Grassi's personal 'Urs Fischer Madame Fisscher', the House of Giudecca with 'Elliott Erwitt-Personal Best'. The gallery of the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa offers the last chance to visit the exhibition 'Doppio gioco-L'ambiguità dell'immagine fotografica'. The theaters offer special tours and squares will host music and performances. Many initiatives are also provided for children: from the excitement of a treasure hunt organized to Fondazione Querini Stampalia creative workshops of the Biennale at Ca 'Giustiniani: 'Common Game', in anticipation of the Biennale of Architecture. The second edition of Art Night, an event conceived and coordinated by the University Ca'Foscari University in collaboration with the Municipality of Venice, it involves all those who deal with art and culture in the city. A team that has no equal in Italy will field their own cultural heritage and a calendar of events to turn night into a unique experience.

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