The Yenikapi Project

Zuecca Projects is proud to present the incredible vision for The Yenikapi Transfer Point and Archaeological Park in Istanbul, designed by Peter Eisenman with his firm Eisenman Architects e Aytaç Architects. Revealed in a collateral event of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, the design for the historic site includes a park, an archaeological museum, and a transit building adjacent to the new underground rail hub, construction of which uncovered important artifacts from the Roman and even neolithic eras. Through the presentation in Venice, curator Maurizio Bortolotti highlights mercantile trade links between Venice and the 1600 year old former Theodosius Port in Yenikapi, where the remains of 35 ships will be displayed as a main feature of the Archaeological Museum. On the Historic Peninsula, the Yenikapi area helps to bridge the European and Asian sides of the city. For its first architectural presentation Zuecca Projects breaks new ground in its continued research into the unique Easternfacing cultural history of Venice and examines how this connects with contemporary art and architecture. Internationally renowned architect and educator Peter Eisenman’s work is characterized by a deconstructivist approach, notably in his collaborations with post-structuralist philosopher Jacques Derrida. His interest in the architectural strata of Venice is well documented and The Yenikapi Project draws on the relationship between his projects for Venice and Istanbul. In collaboration with Aytaç Architects, Eisenman Architects approached The Yenikapi Project with three fundamental aspects in mind: urban vision, urban design, and architectural design. Drawing parallels between the two cities, Eisenman discusses a shared ‘palimpsest’ in both the architecture and societies of Venice and Istanbul. As both cities have developed, intricate trails of evidence have been left behind from former incarnations. The Yenikapi Project continues the palimpsest example, explored in-depth through the multimedia presentation at Zuecca Projects Space. Split into four quadrants, the exhibition includes drawings, models, the ongoing urban design and archaeological museum projects, as well as images and animations of an installation of the archaeological excavations still underway. Originally known for staging exhibitions in the workhouse of a lovingly restored Venetian convent, Zuecca Projects now stages exhibitions around the globe in partnership with leading international cultural institutions. The Zuecca Projects Space sits within the Zitelle Palladian complex and adjoins Le Zitelle church and the Bauers Palladio, part of The Bauers’ group of Venice’s most prestigious hotels. This centuries old family-run Venetian institution provides in-kind support to Zuecca Projects in order to promote cultural exchange between Venice and the rest of the world.

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from Jun 5, 14 to Nov 23, 14
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